GMG 9/17/16 Podcast (Episode #46): Annie Buchwald Is A True Blastbeat Queen & Drum Extraordinaire


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Joining us LIVE from the thunder down under on 9/17/16:

She is the multi-lingual, multi-faceted grunge/rock/black/prog/metal blast-beat Queen, need I say musically massive & stylistically eclectic? As former drummer of heavy metal band, The Hudson Horror, She gives Danny Carey of Tool a run for his money & Lars Ulrich pays her for drum lessons:

GMG NATION? Please welcome the one…the only… Annie Buchwald to the show!

cropped-DevilHorns.jpg Learn More About Annie Buchwald via Her Exclusive Blastbeat.US Interview In The Extreme Women Segment cropped-DevilHorns.jpg

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